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Dryad – Fates End


Presenting the captivating “Dryad Dice Tower” – a magnificent creation emerging from the enchanting realm of Feymoon by Fates End. Immerse yourself in a world where tales intertwine with magic, as a graceful Dryad springs to life from the heart of an ancient tree, extending an invitation into her arboreal realm.

Crafted with meticulous artistry, this dice tower is more than a gaming accessory – it’s an opportunity to delve into the depths of fantastical stories. Witness the intricacies of the woodwork that captures the essence of the Dryad’s bond with nature, and let your imagination flourish as you envision this ancient guardian guiding adventurers through enchanted forests.

Whispered to possess nature’s power, this tower serves as a conduit between realms, guiding your dice on a mesmerizing journey down the spiral staircase within. With each roll, watch as your dice embark on a path as profound as the roots of an ancient tree. And when your gaming comes to an end, the tower’s heart welcomes your cherished dice collection, sheltering them within its leafy embrace.

Embrace the allure of the “Dryad Dice Tower,” where the echoes of legends and the whispers of imagination intertwine. Elevate your gaming to a realm where dice rolls embody the spirit of adventure, and where the Dryad’s presence becomes a cherished companion on your journey through timeless tales.

Step into this odyssey, curious traveler, and embrace the magic of Feymoon with the “Dryad Dice Tower” – where destiny and imagination converge like the branches of ancient trees.


Weight 312 g

Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Metallic Copper (+$5), Metallic Silver (+$5), Metallic Rainbow (+$5), Stone (+$5), Custom (Note in Checkout), Mystery!!!

Tower Type

Dice Tower, Dice Vault, Miniature

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